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Wonderful & Great Kids, Inc is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that provide mentoring programs and training for youths from all walks of life. The objective for the 6-week mentoring program is to get the kids to connect their vision to their purpose, and teach them how to set a goal and work towards it. In return this helps them build a positive mental attitude and helps shape their character which is greatly beneficial in determining their career path. Hands on skills, essential skills and common courtesy are also taught to prepare them for the near future. Character building is a huge part of the program. Teaching them how to be respectful towards others & having respect for themselves & how to shake someone's hand with confidence. kids will gain knowledge of financial literacy, entrepreneurship opportunities and the importance of philanthropy and giving back to their community. 

Our Motto

I am willing to do whatever it takes for me to get to my goal. Nothing can stop me from attain my goal but me. I can do anything as long as I believe that I can. I will never stop believing in myself because God created me for a special purpose. I’m become what I think about all the time so I only see myself winning and accomplishing my goals. I will never quit or give up because I know that all things are possible for believers and nothing possible for unbelievers.

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Wonderful & Great Kids, Inc. presents Camp Davis Georgia! An amazing program to Educate and Elevate, Empower our youth from all walks of life.

Our Founder


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Timothy Babb

Timothy Babb is from a generation of carpenters to include his father & grandfather. " I strive to not only be an mentor however be a role model in entrepreneurship. My plans are to shape and mold the lives of the kids & create a positive environment for them to grow ,learn & thrive. With love, patience & parental involvement we can help create the next generation of well rounded & knowledgeable young adults."

"My purpose is to use my skillset to make a difference in the world and teach young minds how to use a skill to expand their horizons. I want to provide other alternatives to hustle and make legal money and believe in themselves. I use simple work tactics and basic tools (hammer, nails, screws, and tape measure) as an example of crafting for profit. In addition, I train them on painting, flooring and other basic life skills such as changing a  tire, checking car fluids, savings& financial literacy, being a gentlemen, etc. We all have something that we have learned that can be taught."



“My son Kenneth was a participant in Camp David in 2019.  My son learned how to fix and plaster holes.  Ken learned brotherhood and entrepreneurship.  He has a great understanding of putting in work to get what he needs and wants!!  I want to thank Mr. Babbs for continuing to mentor and teaching my son outside of his camp.  A big thank you to founder and co-founder for starting this camp for our young men in our neighborhood and community.  This camp is also in honor of his wife, which makes my son and I even more proud to be apart of something so special.  We look forward to being apart of this year’s mentoring for 2020!!” 
“Thanks to Tim Babb for making a difference with the teen boys in our community.  He started having the neighborhood boys learn construction tasks during the summer of 2019.  Just a few of the skills they learned was how to paint, how to determine proper tire pressure, how to build a porch and paint it, to name a few.  They made wooden signs with positive phrases given to our neighbors.  The time our son spent in this program learning to be men will never be forgotten.
Parents of Grant Harris, we thank you...   Can you add this as the second testimony.”

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